New Providence Roundhouse


                                                    Roundhouse History

     The New Providence Roundhouse was constructed in 1936 as a WPA project under the first appropriation of federal dollars at an approximate cost of $27,000.  It was the first round gym of its size in Iowa.  (Yale, Iowa has a very small round gym built in 1932.)

     This two story structure is constructed of a double wall of 13 inch hollow tile blocks with brick exterior.  The diameter is 85 feet.  The upper floor holds the basketball court (72 x 38 ft.), the bleachers, and stage.  The dome roof is about 35 feet at its highest point and requires no supporting pillars, being constructed with steel beams.  The stage is fully equipped with footlights and colored border lights.  The wooden bleachers, which come right to the edge of the basketball court originally seated 300.  The lower level, completed in 1937, includes the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, music room, lunch room, kitchen and restrooms.

   Being the most modern gym of that time in the area, New Providence hosted many basketball tournaments.  Not only was the building used for sport events, but also for music, drama, graduation exercises, and community events.  After serving the community for 50 years as part of the school facility, the Roundhouse is now being maintained as a community center by Renewal Community, Inc.

Listed as a National Historic Site



106 North Main

New Providence, Iowa  50206

Established 1936