Pc Mars Advanced Payroll module now available:

This module is renewed yearly for continued access to the updated tax tables and additional features. The Advanced Payroll Module subscription cost for the 2015 year is $100.

The Advanced Payroll module includes these features:

  1. Federal Tax Tables.

  2. State Tax Tables are included for Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.

  3. The ability to “customize” an additional seven labor withholding fields (for a total of 10).

  4. The ability to customize an additional 6 pay units; such as hourly (daytime), hourly (evening), miles, etc, (for a total of 7)

  5. The ability to “track” money loaned or advanced to employees through paycheck deductions.

  6. The ability to calculate retirement deductions and matching (in the non-simplified payroll method).

  7. Pension withholding calculation wages can be automatically adjusted by “subject to tax preference for all 10 paycheck withholdings.

  8. Labor reports expanded to include the items above

How to Order this Advanced Payroll Module: Three ways to order:

  1. If you already have a 2.2 or higher version of Pc Mars installed, go to “Help” and select “Order Advanced Payroll Module”. Print off the order form & Mail.

  2. Go to www.pcmars.com and select “Advanced Payroll Module Information”, print off order form and mail.

  3. Call 515-233-5802 for credit card orders, (additional $10 processing fee).

Note: Order the Advanced Payroll Module from Iowa Farm Business Accounting, Inc , (instead of SoftShell).

This site last updated on 1/7/2015