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PC MARS is a single entry accounting program for IBM PC compatible computers running under MS DOS. It is the first program introduced by SoftShell. PC MARS keeps the individual month in memory for fast operation. We have designed PC MARS to be an easy-to-use program, following the hand-held book system used by the Iowa Farm Business Association. PC MARS is similar to MARS (Monthly Accounting & Reporting System) in many ways, with similar coding breakdown, standard enterprises, and an emphasis on monthly reporting. Using your computer on the farm gives you instant access to your records, with printouts available at your command. You choose which categories (account codes) to use. You also choose to what degree you divide your farm into separate enterprises. The data base you thereby create will become more and more useful as time passes.


Requirements and Limits

Version Information

Below is listed the various versions available with a brief description of the major differences between them.

Companion Products / Enhancements


Upgrade information

PC MARS version 2.7 is now available for Iowa, MSD, Illinois, and Small Business versions. The major improvements/enhancements are listed below. All versions are Y2K and Pentium II compatible, and will work with your old data made with prior versions of Pc Mars.

Upgrade prices:

For further information, E-Mail IFBA or E-Mail SoftShell.

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