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If you are a user of Jaws For Windows, a screen reader program, check out our JFW Scripts Page.

Snowman Broadcasting Live

The Snowman is broadcasting live! Check it out, Saturday eveing US time, starting at 8 PM eastern time. That is Midnight universal sunday for the northern Summer. The program features music from the 60's, 70's and some 80's. But, it is by no means a music machine. There is plenty of thought provoking commentary, and evocative memories to elicit on the part of the host. It is live, informal, and a great way to safely spend Saturday night.
Tune into Mushroom FM at:

Download the most recent show here:

The February 10 Show The February 3 Show

Snowman Radio Broadcast

The Snowman Radio Broadcast, the old talk show, is now streaming via Mushroom FM early Wednesday morning, and again Wednesday evening. Two of the old half hour shows are played consecutively.

Jim Fidler

For great, original music, by One of the blind community's most accomplished musicians, visit the web site of the man who makes WWSNOW hosting possible:

Snowman Radio Broadcast Show Listings

Here is a listing of all the old Snowman Radio Broadcast Shows, complete with descriptions of each segment, so you can more easily go hunting for that favorite bit, and know just which show to download. Snowman Show Listings

Who is that masked man? There are clues here. Who was The SnowMan?

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